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Samsung Max Heat is a heat pump system designed for cold climates. It can provide 100% heating capacity at 5°F (-15°C) and high heating output at -22°F (-30°C). The Max Heat 2.0 system also has a base pan heater in the outdoor unit to defrost and drain water to prevent ice buildup.

Mitsubishi Hyper Heat

Mitsubishi Hyper Heat is a heat pump system that uses exclusive Inverter technology to maintain efficiency even when temperatures drop as low as -13°F. It can perform at 100% of its rated capacity in outdoor temperatures as low as 5°F and can operate down to -13°F. Mitsubishi Hyper Heat systems are also inexpensive to run, eliminating the costs of purchasing oil, gas, or propane.

Custom Comfort is a private label brand of mini splits and heat pumps manufactured by Midea. Midea is an HVAC system company that is known for its quality and innovation. The Custom Comfort line of inverter heat pump equipment is designed to allow homeowners to customize their comfort year-round.

Benefits of a Mini Split Ductless System

A mini split system, with its unique features and operational efficiency, can effectively address issues like indoor allergens, hot and cold spots, the absence of central air, and high energy costs.

Colonial Mini Splits Benefits Solutions

Advanced Filtration: Mini split systems often come with multi-stage filtration systems that can significantly reduce dust, pollen, bacteria, and other allergens in the air. These filters trap and eliminate small particles, helping to improve indoor air quality.

Ductless System: Unlike traditional HVAC systems that use ductwork, mini splits are ductless, reducing the accumulation and spread of dust and allergens that can often get trapped in ducts.


Individual Zone Control: Mini split systems can be set up to provide individualized temperature control in different rooms or zones. This means you can adjust the temperature in each area independently, effectively eliminating hot and cold spots in your home.

Precise Temperature Control: The inverter technology in many mini split systems allows the compressor to adjust its speed to match the exact demand for heating or cooling. This precise operation ensures consistent and even temperatures throughout the space.


Flexibility in Installation: Mini split systems don’t require ductwork, making them ideal for homes without existing central air systems. They are also suitable for additions, renovations, or any area where installing ductwork is impractical or too expensive.

Compact and Unobtrusive: The indoor units of mini split systems are compact and can be mounted on walls or ceilings, blending into the decor without the need for bulky ductwork or floor space.


Energy Efficiency: Mini split systems, particularly those with inverter technology, are highly energy-efficient. They adjust their performance to the actual demand, reducing wasted energy and leading to lower electricity bills.

Zone-Specific Heating and Cooling: By allowing you to heat or cool only the spaces you’re using, mini split systems avoid the energy waste associated with central systems that heat or cool unoccupied rooms.

Reduced Heat Loss: Ductless systems minimize the heat loss that typically occurs in the ductwork of central air systems, further enhancing their energy efficiency.

This all sounds intriguing…but what exactly is Ductless?

Ductless (also called a mini-split) is a type of HVAC system that doesn’t blow air through long expanses of ductwork. Instead, the climate-controlled air is generated by indoor air handling units attached to walls and/or ceilings — either in a single zone or multiple. The indoor units are connected to the outdoor condenser and compressor with hidden conduit. This setup offers a couple of important benefits. One, it’s easier to install, especially in space-challenged buildings. Two, it’s energy efficient, costing up to 37% less to heat and cool your home.

What is Ductless?


Mini split systems offer a versatile, efficient, and effective solution to common issues related to indoor air quality, uneven temperature distribution, the constraints of ductless spaces, and the need for energy-efficient heating and cooling.


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