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Insulation Assessment, Energy Audit, and Heat Load Calculations

Home Inspections by Colonial Mini Splits

Energy and Insulation Assessment

Our certified onsite consultant will walk your property with you, discussing any areas of concern and explaining what can be done to resolve issues. This may include issues unrelated to insulation or hvac systems, like structural or weatherization problems.

Energy Audit

An energy audit is a detailed examination of how a building, facility, or system uses energy. The main goal of an energy audit is to identify opportunities to reduce energy consumption and improve energy efficiency, without compromising the comfort or productivity of the space. In addition to the property inspection, our auditor will utilize a blower door test and thermal imaging to identify areas in the home where air leaks are present. A discussion on the findings and potential solutions follows the audit, and a detailed follow up report is available. This report provides detailed information on potential energy savings, estimated costs of implementation, and projected payback periods for each recommendation.

Heat Load Calculations

A heat load calculation is used to properly determine the heat load of each room and determine the proper sizing of heating and cooling equipment. This involves measuring each wall, floor, ceiling, windows, doors and determine the effective insulation of each (not the stated R value). This also requires the determination of the orientation direction and the shielding of the house, an evaluation of the current heating system,  and an examination of all the areas of the insulation. Once complete a system design and pricing can be provided.


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